Professional Experience

Jan 2013 - Present Research Scientist; Professor
Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania
The position involves research in the field of fisheries science and ecological modelling related to the role fisheries play in food systems. The position involves collation of large data sets, fisheries modelling, formulating research questions and writing papers. Position requires significant contribution to research in fisheries and ecosystem modeling appropriate to professorial level performance.
2008 - 2010 (part-time) Professor of Ecosystem Modelling
Tasmanian Aquculture and Fisheries Institute, University of Tasmania
Identify and gather the existing data sets working with the University (Tasmanian Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute), State Government agencies (DPIW include both fisheries and conservation and biodiversity managers and researchers working on marine mammals and birds) and CSIRO (oceanography). Evaluate existing models including the University of British Columbia’s Ecopath model and CSIRO’s Atlantis model. Adaptation and development of the model will be undertaken in collaboration with CSIRO’s existing modeling research group. Linkages within the model will require consultation with DPIW (Conservation and Biodiversity and Fisheries Branches, Tasmanian Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute and the Tasmanian Fisheries Industry Council). Maximise opportunities for training of PhD students. Bring together the outcomes of these projects into an overarching modeling frame work that will also provide opportunities for the next cohort of students.
Sept 1999 - Dec 2012 Senior Research Fellow
Fisheries Centre, University of British Columbia
Develop and support major global catch and effort databases, develop GIS databases and tools, provide spatial analysis, develop Fisheries Centre capacity for GIS work, support ecological modeling, supervise project staff and students involved with database work within the Pew-funded 'Sea Around Us' project. (after 2005 based in Hobart, Australia).
1994 - 2001 Principal/Senior Scientist
Western Australian Fisheries Dept
Supervise invertebrate trawl research section, lead research into all commercial trawl (prawn and scallop) fisheries in Western Australia, develop fisheries models and provide management advice, perform stock assessments, develop research projects relating to invertebrate trawl fisheries.
July-Aug 1999 Consultant Reviewer
Fisheries Research Institute, Maputo, Mozambique
Review stock assessment methods used to assess shallow-water shrimp fishery of Sofala Bank, Mozambique.
1996 - 97 Visiting Scientist
Fisheries Centre, University of British Columbia
Model and evaluate the effects of using marine protected areas and artifical reefs on the fisheries of Hong Kong using multiple-species stock assessment and ecological modelling methods. Contribute to the development of spatial ecological modelling methods.
1991 - 94 Principal Fisheries Scientist
Primary Industries Queensland
Supervise trawl projects, lead underwater visual census (ACIAR) project, develop fisheries models and provide management advice, perform stock assessments, develop research projects
1992 - 93 Marine Biodiversity Management Advisor
Indonesian Dept Environment & Dalhousie University (EMDI)
Assemble and coordinate interdepartmental-University-NGO group to develop policy, strategic planning, and projects to conserve and use marine resources, GIS database development
1989 - 90 Visiting Fisheries Scientist
Cooperative Center for Marine and Atmospheric Studies
University of Miami (RSMAS) & U.S. Nat. Marine Fisheries Service
Develop fisheries models to provide management advice for prawning industry, collaborate with U.S. and Canadian experts on fisheries management and habitat related problems
1984 - 91 Senior Fisheries Biologist
Primary Industries Queensland
Coordinate northern trawl projects, lead Torres Strait research, develop models to provide management advice, contribute to trawl bycatch and Gulf of Carpentaria prawn research
1979- 82 PhD Student
Queensland University, Australia
Complete study and field work for PhD degree on taxaonomy and lifehistory of parasites of freshwater eels
1982 - 84 Senior Fisheries Biologist
Papua New Guinea Government
National tuna biologist, supervise foreign and domestic fisheries databases and computer centre, lead bycatch project, perform stock assesssments, edit reports, direct deepwater reef resources research
1978 - 79 Biological Systems Specialist (Fisheries)Fisheries & Wildlife, Ontario Provincial Government Develop, implement and maintain fisheries research data information system, (databases), applied programming (fisheries and forestry), survey design, data analysis, supervise data processing, assist in field operations, oversee computer operations
1972 - 78 Fisheries Technician
Canadian Dept of Fisheries and Oceans, Winnipeg, Canada
Design, construction and maintenance of benthic and fish sampling equipment and schedules. Invertebrate identification and supervision of technicians. Work with fish, chemical and primary productivity projects.
1970 - 76 BSc and MSC Student
University of Manitoba, Canada
Complete study and field studies associated with BSc and MSc degrees involving zoology and in particular fisheries research including parasitology of empoinded freshwater species.